TEE CLUB is a premium line of men's T-shirts from "Mako" Egyptian cotton. This line is a great example of the timeless combination of elegance, quality and comfort.

Aesthetics of the TEE CLUB is based on classic patterns, vivid colors and flawless execution from high-quality fabrics. T-Shirts are available in four basic silhouettes and eight colors. The name of each color in this line reflects Brand's tagline – “made from music”, and has its own spirit and mood:

white – classic
black – rock
blue – blues
yellow – reggae
green – folk
red – jam
brown – soul
orange – karnāṭaka.

With the TEE CLUB line brand Palson Kifot launched the first made-to-measure T-Shirts service (an individual tailoring) in Ukraine. Excellent quality and perfect fit are now available according your personal measurements.

TEE CLUB T-shirts from Palson Kifot – a perfect choice for aristocrats of big city.